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5 Dragon Lord
Jan 09, '12

Chapter 5: Dragon Lord

As we left the café Lilly took the initiative, turned to me and said, “do you fancy trying out an experiment?”

“What do you mean?” I replied half guessing what she was about to say as our minds were beginning to work in unison.

“Let’s go back into the church and deliberately try to access the subconscious memories you have. Now that you know the connection it should be easier to get back there and retrieve the stored data." Lilly began to get excited as she could see something interesting might happen. "After all the universe is just a giant information machine. It'll be like trying to access a website that you stumbled across previously!"

"OK Lilly let's give it a go. I need to find the lady in white again just to know what happened?"

With that we crossed over the road and climbed the several stone steps into the now familiar Sainte Segolene church. It was quiet with no visitors and the ancient sacred atmosphere was visibly tangible. The musty smell of the pews and dusty prayer kneelers rose to greet us as we moved. I walked towards the hot spot in front of the altar and stepped into the magic square. Nothing! No change, no colours, nothing. Dissappointed I tried to reproduce the conditions of the previous day by jostling backwards and forwards several times.

Lilly watched quietly, "you are trying too hard," she said having intuitively grasped the mechanics of the situation, "relax your conscious mind and allow your subconscious to access the memories held inside and communicate with them. Haven't you ever studied meditaion?"

I could tell that she was getting impatient for a result, "only once when I was learning Goju Ryu Karate many years ago. I'm familiar with the concept of Zen and Zan shin - No mind. In order to function efficiently on the battlefield in extreme situations Japanese Samurai would empty their mind of all distractions and function on subconscious instinct. That way they could allow their eractions to be driven directly by their subconscious which is able to operate ahead of of normal space time and so gain an advantage by being already in the space ahead of the opponent. They could then strike the winning blow first with their razor sharp katana which was usually enough and not be harmed in the process!"

Lilly stood with her head quizzically on one side with the eternal trust a man to think of that expression. "Yes, well its like that except much more peaceful. Let's try together."

She took my hand and led me to the front pews where we had sat previously. "Right Yann now sit quietly, take deep breaths, breathe rhythmically, focus on the triple windows above the altar and let you mind go blank. That shouldn't be too hard for a guy should it!" She smiled impishly at her own joke.

I was already starting to understand the concept and beginning to visibly relax. The sacred atmosphere and the quiet started to settle my noisy mind. The multiple colours of the stained glass window became more vivid as I contemplated the dancing patterns of the sunlight driven mandala. Seconds seem to slow down and stretch into hours as time deccelerated and then stopped. The Rose window began to blur. Holding Lilly's slender fingers, I could feel the pulse of her heart beat in tandem with my own starting to slow down in synchronization and then begin to fade away. I slackened my grip on her delicate feminine hand in empathy as my conscious mind relinquished control. Then as I relaxed I stepped through the looking glass of my mind into another world.

The church was suddenly full of the same medieval people I had seen previously. I recognised the faces of several members of the congregation especially my Lady the Duchess of Luxembourg who I now knew to be my patron. She smiled at me and there was obviously a definite bond between us. Next to her was her eldest daughter as I had seen previously, I knew not her name, she suddenly turned and caught my eye then beamed a beautiful smile of recognition; it was definitely Lilly! I hadn't realised how pretty she was in her own right until that moment. I looked back towards the altar and felt an electrifying jolt as my eyes met the eyes of my Lady in White. She now stood with me in front of the priest and I gazed into the blue liquid pools of her eyes that revealed the unfathomable depths of her very soul. The hypnotic effect of my Lady's blue eyes were enhanced by distinctive black edges to her irises which made her gaze totally irresistable, the spell was complete, my heart was hers forever. Lost for several seconds I swam in her soul and connected with her innermost being. She was exceptionally beautiful, strong, complicated and tricky but oh what a bright spirit burnt within her breast. She was a truly magnificent, wild and exciting creature; a royal warrior princess of ancient Scythian lineage.

I felt suddenly humbled in her presence and wanted to bend my knee to her. She was undoubtedly of high noble birth, a shadow fairy elven princess from the darkest forests of my imagination. She smiled, her moist lips parted to reveal perfect white teeth framed by pale translucent skin that flawlessly covered her exquisitely structured high cheek bones. Mesmerised I followed every contour towards her delicate ears that were partially exposed under luxurious auburn chestnut hair. Every part of her anatomy was feminine perfection in divine classical proportion, with the notable exception that she had broad strong shoulders and narrow boyish hips.

My soul felt like weeping at such royal born magnificence. The wild flowers arranged in a neat circlet about her brow complimented her soft visage. We came to the vows and she spoke in deft eloquent tones, her courtly speech shone through with each syllable ringing clear. Words seemed to escape me as I attempted to repeat the words of the priest and I twice had to clear my throat. My lady looked askance at me, nudged my armoured cuirass with her elbow and spoke under her breath directly to me, "come on Robert, don't you want to marry me? You are much more decisive when in battle! Has a mere slip of a girl taken your voice away?" It was a direct challenge and she was enjoying every second of it.

I still stood there in disbelief that we were to be married. Then came the rings; symbols of eternity and infinity. Rings of power from the mists of time and legend, they glinted in the candle light. Made from pure white gold with a raised pattern of standing stones exactly mirroring an ancient stone ring from Hibernia, it was a pagan reminder of the fairy lineage of the dragon princesses. A direct connection across thousands of years to pre-Christian times. They were rings of power and memory; dragon rings imbued with sacred power. For dragon princesses contained the living waters of knowledge rich with alchemical hormones such as seratonin and melatonin, their body fluids gifted to their chosen dragon lord with clear sight and precognition. It was pure undiluted magic and the church were in fear of the power of these elven fairy goddesses. Hence throughout time they had sought to burn, violate and destroy these witch princesses and erase their sacred royal bloodline.

It was a power struggle to the death and the church were ruthless in their prosecution of this dynastic genocide. That was what they were frightened of, that is what fuelled their bloodlust and mania for the destruction of all witches. In a blinding flash of Biblical revelation I suddenly understood everything. I was a humble knight yet I now realised that I possessed Dragon DNA. I was a match for my lady in white because I was genetically similar. I was sworn to protect her as I was my Dragon Liege Lady the Duchess of Luxembourg, she too contained the same sacred DNA that gave access to the Fairy realms of knowledge and clearsight. It all started to make sense as I remembered...

I looked back into those mysterious blue pools that my Lady Jehanne possessed. I stood erect and held my shoulders back suddenly alive and engaged in the process of sacred union with my dragon princess. My hand tightened on the hilt of my sword as I mentally swore to protect her from all adverseries. The overt Catholic church ceremony was ending yet I understood the secret occult ceremony that had been taking place below the level of the public driven display. In full knowledge I turned to Jehanne and pressed her supple athelitic feminine body to my hard body armour and gazed back into her eyes. Our lips met and electricity exploded within me, such power she contained, I reeled from the mind shock. Heaven and Earth seemed to stand still and everything faded from view.

I came to and sat shaking slightly, my heart pounding, I was back in the everyday Metz present day reality with a jolt.

"I understand, yes I understand, she was a dragon princess!"

Lilly looked amazed, "a what?"

"A dragon princess, Jehanne des Armoises was a dragon princess, she was a source of pure clairvoyance and power. She wasn't a peasant girl at all she was a royal princess, very very royal. This is incredible Lilly, incredible!" I was so excited I grabbed her and hugged her tight. "And you were there LIlly! You were beautiful and your mother was a dragon princess, so that means you are! You must share the same special DNA."

"What are you on about? I'm just Lilly Chevalier an ordinary student graduate starting her first job."

"Yes, but think of it Lilly you may in all probability be a dragon princess? Yet the knowledge within you has been suppressed by your modern materialistic upbringing!"

"Oh I see what you mean it's a case of reactivating my DNA which contains the inherent abilities you have just witnessed in your timeslips!"

"Yes that's it Lilly, the present population like those before them have been controlled and kept deliberately dumb by those in power such as the church and state, those that wish to control the world in order to support their own greed and thirst for power."

In a blinding flash of revelatory realisation LIlly jumped up and shouted, "That's it, that's it, why you can remember you must be a dragon lord, you must have the same DNA. Yet you have lived all your life without knowing just as you outlined to me just then. You forgot the obvious - it applies to you!" Sitting back down with a satisfied grin on her youthful face. She continued, "We are both dragons that's why we clicked from the first instant, we just fitted together like we have always known each other! If your timeslip is anything to go by then we have definitely known each other in different periods of space time - we are Timelords! Masters of time and space. No wonder the forces in control don't want as to realise our own power - we are unstoppable."

We both sat in total silence for several minutes contemplating the gravity of our discovery. The altar and fabric of church was still there, the sun shone through the Rose windows the same, everything was as it was but we were different, we were aware of the dormant power that lay within us; nothing in this world would ever hold us back again.

Jan 09, '12
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