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14 Les Enfants Perdus
Jan 18, '12

Chapter 14: Les Enfants Perdus

I awoke to a sunny morning at 10:11hrs. The light streaming in my window was more than enough to wake me, plus I was on an adrenaline high after the incredible events of the night before. After a shower and a shave I sat down and wrote copious notes on my visions in the timeslip. Lilly had suggested we do this so that we could compare our individual memory experiences without prejudicing the evidence.

The recollections were so vivid that I had no problem remembering all of the detail. I even remembered the individual names of the Black Brethren, which meant we could research them on the internet later in an attempt to confirm them as historical fact if at all possible.

I could hear the shower running in Lilly’s room so I knew that she was up and about too. The plan was to meet in the hotel foyer at midday and then to wander down to the Martroi for brunch and swap stories. I was curious to hear of her experiences as this was the first time that we had jointly jumped into the looking glass of memory. Had we seen the same scenes, felt the same feelings, tasted the same air; I wondered?

The day was deliciously warm so I dressed comfortably in my new Jeanne d’Arc T shirt Lilly had given me and chomped black trousers, then headed out of my room armed only with an A4 notepad and some pens. I didn’t have long to wait as Lilly descended the stairs within minutes of my arrival in the lobby.

“Morning Yann, trust you slept like the dead? I did! I’m beginning to feel like your ghoul fiend! I’ll tell you why when we have brunch. I’m really hungry.” Simultaneously she looked at her watch to confirm that it was indeed still morning.

“Hah hah, good one! Nice play on words - Yes perfect thanks, out like a light and up fresh and ready for the next adventure.”

“Oh yes, have I got something to tell you, and I have already planned what we are going to do tonight.” Lilly grinned with that – I know something you don’t - cheeky expression of hers that always had me intrigued and wanting more.

“You are incorrigible my petit Fleur d’Lilly; prendre l’avantage, on y va!”

With that I opened the main door for her and bowed theatrically, “après vous mademoiselle.”

“Merci, mon chevalier noir!” Lilly curtsied and smiled sweetly.

Once in the fresh air we turned south and headed down rue République towards place Saint-Pierre du Martroi. The tram tracks bought back instant memories of the night before and the early morning walk back. I silently contemplated Einstein’s analogy with time for it was the tram tracks and ornate public clock in Zurich that had first led him to theorise on the true nature of the space time continuum in 1905 whilst he worked at the Swiss patents office and gave private tuition. I found myself musing in a similar fashion over the nature of consciousness and memory. This was going to be an interesting working lunch and I looked forward to it with anticipation and a hunger for knowledge that I had not experienced before!

Once in the hexagon place du Martroi we paused to look at Jehanne’s statue just as we had done earlier that day as dawn was breaking. Her eternal presence seemed to ground and centre our thoughts amongst the turmoil of tourists, trams and daily life. Soon it was time to head past the carousel and along the rue Jeanne d’Arc towards the cathédrale Ste-Croix which stood beckoning in the Porte de Bourgogne area of the city.

I knew now that the original medieval cathédrale was far different from the present construction as I had seen it clearly in my timeslip. This explained the sterile atmosphere we had experienced within its cavernous body which contained numerous more modern memories layered over the ones that directly connected and concerned us. Emotion was the key; any original fabric seemed to contain memory and engendered an immediate response when we either touched it or were in close proximity. It was as though matter stored memory, much as a tape recorder. Finally I voiced my ideas to Lilly as we strolled along in the sun.

“If the universe is just a thought form that creates matter and space from energy then all matter contains memory!”

Lilly continued strolling and then added, “Space too! Remember as Einstein said; Matter is thick space and space is thin matter – Space tells matter how to move and Matter tells Space how to bend! You are exactly right; now my stomach is grumbling and telling me it needs some solid memory to quieten it!”

“How did you know I was thinking of Einstein? That’s amazing!”

“You’re just so transparent; remember as you told me I am a dragon princess! I’m just exercising my powers.”

I laughed at her directness which bought my high minded insight to ground instantly.

“I agree, l’Orangerie is not far now; my turn to get breakfast.”

We settled ourselves at one of the pavement tables nearest to the cathédrale and ordered orange juice, fresh croissants, coffee and a yoghurt for Lilly. The waiter was a little perturbed at our timing as they were about to start serving lunch but said he would see what he could do? Whilst Lilly was being charming with him I opened up my A4 notepad and placed my Pentel black and gold Stylo liquid fountain pens on the table.

“Lady’s first,” I said politely, “I’m dying to hear your experiences from this morning!”

Lilly smiled and began to tell of her impressions in the timeslip. It was like playing poker. I sat straight faced trying not to give visual clues as to the accuracy and concurrence of her story with mine. As she hit each marker point exactly it grew more difficult not to shout enthusiastically in affirmation. It was obvious from her concise account that she had experienced the identical timeslip I had, yet precisely from her perspective of events. She had seen what I had seen and heard what I had heard. There was no doubt about it her account was completely synchronous in every detail.

I found myself subconsciously ticking off the chain of events in my notes as she talked. Lilly’s notepad was as yet unopened but I knew she was reciting it word for word, just as one lays a winning hand down in poker card by card. She knew it was a winning hand and was enjoying every minute of it.

Then came a difference, the atmosphere changed instantly and I began to listen more intently to the subtle detail. I turned to the back of my notepad and started doodling visual notes as she poured out the story.

“All the time you were healing Jehanne, I kept feeling this evil black presence behind me. It came from a person yet it felt like a giant black cloud engulfing my soul and pulling at my back; literally clawing at my soul and sucking my energy. I didn’t look directly at it but caught glimpses in my peripheral vision. It emanated from a large powerfully built knight that carried a yellow shield divided into four quarters with a black cross. I stayed focused in helping you but it kept distracting me; its negativity drew me like a magnet. I recognised it as dragon energy but from the dark side.”

Then Lilly leant forward and grabbed my arm for reassurance. “It was awful; pure evil. I have never felt its like before! Then I woke up and you were standing by me.” Lilly’s face blanched at the memory, her eyes misted and her whole body started to tremble with emotion.

“The knight disappeared to the east of Les Tourelles.” She opened a tourist map of Orleans she was carrying in her back pack and spread it out on the table. “We must go back to Les Tourelles and investigate. It’s still there, I know it is, I can feel its presence; right here!” With that dramatic statement she took one of my pens and drew a large black cross on the map at rue du Coq Saint Marceau just near the cross marking Les Tourelles.

I was moved by the intensity of emotion Lilly had displayed, looking down I found that I had drawn a large black cloud made up of many children’s faces. What could it mean? My subconscious had obviously been listening to Lilly’s tale and had connected directly with the source of the evil; but how could children be evil?

The moment passed and Lilly sat back and relaxed visibly. We both started to nibble at the croissants, orange juice and black coffee. The warmth of the sun dispelled Lilly’s dark mood and she put her Von Zipper sunglasses on. She looked extremely chic as she raised her face to absorb the rays of warmth. Her sun kissed auburn hair, fine delicate bone structure and smooth skin made her the epitome of a young intelligent French woman enjoying the time of her life.

An hour flew by and I reluctantly paid the bill. I didn’t really want the moment to pass, but time had marched on despite my willing it to slow down. Lilly disturbed the silence. ”We have to investigate this, Yann. We are needed!”

“Absolutely, my petit Fleur d’Lilly, the day is yours to do with as you will. We already have more than enough information for our article; anything else we discover is a bonus.”

Lilly stood, stretched and then gathered up her unopened notebook. Grabbing her camera and back pack she announced dramatically, “to Les Tourelles!”

I walked along side her, but I could feel that there was purpose in her stride. Lilly was totally resolute and focused in her mission. It was obvious that she was being guided by her inner most intuition.

We jumped a tram at place du Martroi and found ourselves very quickly at Les Tourelles by the cross and monument. “This way, Yann, it’s drawing me like a magnet. The energy is so powerful it involves many, many souls.”

I followed Lilly’s lead which took us eastward and then off to the right a little into the rue du Coq Saint Marceau. I started to sense the negativity as we started to move into the road. “I can feel it now too, very powerful like a black cloud, very oppressive, very sad.” Lilly barely heard me she was still walking with a determined gait; totally focused on her mission.

Within minutes we found ourselves outside a cabaret club come restaurant called l’Insolite. The doors were shut firmly as it was early afternoon and the dinner revue show only opened in the evenings. A large menu with the tariff clearly marked invited bookings by telephone of internet. Next to that was a large poster of the acts currently performing on stage; it was clearly a dining restaurant of some excellent standing with live entertainment.

“This is the building. I can feel it!” Lilly was pressed against the window with the palms of her hands touching its surface. “What ever it is, it lives in here!”

“I feel it too. There is no way in, the only way we can gain access is by booking a reservation for tonight. It’s Tuesday so I don’t think it will be tremendously busy. What do you think?”

Lilly punched the telephone numbers into her mobile and pressed connect. She had obviously already thought and was taking decisive action! The line was engaged so we knew that they were answering calls and probably taking bookings. “I’ll keep trying!”

We walked back to the cross and sat on the wall over looking the river. Finally she made a connection and I could hear from her conversation that they had some places free for this evening. We had agreed previously that we would go for the menu Polisson at €89 each. It included:

Kir Royal

et ses Petits Fours

Cassolette de Fondue de Poireaux

et ses Saint Jacques poêlées au Cidre sur Riz Coloré

Glacier du Soleil à la Vodka

Lapin Moutardé à l’Ancienne en Saveur d’Estragon

et son Assortiment du Jardinier

Gratiné de Fromage sur Briochette et Lit de Salade aux Noix

Douceur de Feuillantine au Chocolat


½ Bouteille de Champagne par personne pendant le repas

It seemed rather delicious and was all inclusive so I voiced my approval as Lilly finished the call and closed her phone.

“Well if we are going to face ultimate evil it might as well be on a full stomach and with a glass of champagne in one hand!”

My jollity met with a frosty reception! “This is serious, Yann, the negativity is sickening and incredibly concentrated. Perhaps you can’t feel it like I can? But it has a holocaust feel to it, so many souls suffering, trapped and crying out for help.”

My bubble burst and I bowed to her feminine sensitivity. A chill ran down my spine, despite the warm summer sunshine. The lady was in no mood for messing. Lilly’s mood had darkened to the extreme and I considered myself told well and truly.

As a result we walked back to the tram stop in silence pausing only occasionally for Lilly to look back over her shoulder in the direction that we had come. Each time I noticed that the tears had increased in her eyes and flowed now down her cheeks. As we waited I put my arm around her and gave her a reassuring hug. “What ever it is? We will face it and overcome it together my Fleur d’Lilly. I will not let you down; promise!”

Lilly smiled and kissed me on the cheek. “I always feel safe with you! You are my shining knight.”

“Well what ever it is it can’t harm us as we are at present in the physical universe, so we will face it and defeat it!”

The cloud lifted and we enjoyed the sun’s radiant warmth as we waited several minutes for the tram to arrive. We decided to have another look at the maison Jeanne d’Arc as I wanted to study the dioramas and Lilly like the costume display. After that it was time for a leisurely stroll back to the hotel and a rest before changing for dinner.

We arranged to meet in the hotel foyer at 19:30hrs and then to grab a tram from just outside the door back to Les Tourelles. Lilly arrived on time and looked stunning in her little black dress and a matching pashmina with a faint silver stripe.

“Wow! How good do you look?” I complimented her and then took a long look at what I was wearing. My unpressed light grey travel trek jacket with matching Chinos and a simple tight black T shirt was no match for her suave appearance.

“Simple and elegant, no? Easy to pack and carry, plus I can deploy it at a moments notice should the situation demand it! It is my secret weapon.” Lilly laughed at the expression on my face which was totally in awe of her. Then with a confident smile she gave me a twirl.

“Absolutely stunning my girl, what ever awaits us will be totally blown away by your good taste and style!”

With that she linked arms with me and we stepped out into the warm night air. The tram arrived and we duly found ourselves back at Les Tourelles some 15 minutes later. The city was bustling with summer night activity and the tourists were busy soaking up the atmosphere. The atmosphere for us however changed dramatically once we had crossed the river and alighted from the tram.

A sense of foreboding and negativity charged the air as we walked towards the cabaret restaurant l’Insolite. It felt like high noon in a western film with a gun battle about to break out. The tension rose as we walked side by side down the side walk. I had flash backs, we had done this many times before, sometimes with just the two of us, but sometimes with more of the Black Brethren following in our wake. It was dragon power; we resonated and magnified the individual energy we each possessed when in each others company.

A few short minutes and we turned to enter the cabaret restaurant; it was show time. The maitre d’ asked for our reservation details and then escorted us to our seats. The tables were set in long lines coming away from the stage curtain between each seat in opposite pairs stood a single red rose in a simple but chic black glass vase. Lilly remarked that it was blood red in colour and that she saw a child’s face in each one. Her observation sent a chill down my spine as we sat opposite each other on the end of one of the table arms.

The restaurant was busy and many people had already taken their places. Unlike us they were oblivious to the atmosphere of evil that oozed from the fabric of the building.

“I can feel the horror, be strong; are you sure you want to go through with this?” I said under my breath.

“I am ready. I am stronger than you think!”

A look of determination spread over Lilly’s face; she looked every bit the psychic warrior she was; the subdued lighting chiselled her features perfectly and her hair sparkled with fire. The waitress introduced herself and bought us our Kir Royale aperitif and Lilly surprised me by raising her glass and confidently uttering the toast, “Good hunting!”

That inspired me and I knew that she was not mentally intimidated by what ever lurked in the dark recesses of this place. Our battle preparations were interrupted by the compare as he took to the stage and introduced the opening musical number. Our mood lightened with the visual distraction as we watched and enjoyed the spectacle.

There then appeared a comedy act duo who presented some contemporary political satire as we ate our starter. It was at that moment I noticed a form materialising next to Lilly. I caught it out of the side of my eye but when I looked directly it disappeared. I noticed that Lilly’s skin was showing goose bumps.

“Lilly...” I went to say something but she immediately cut me short.

“I know. I can see it!” She whispered out of the corner of her mouth. “It’s all under control. I’m going to lure it in.” With that Lilly became more flirtatious and started to use her powerful feminine energies. Although aimed at my I noticed the apparition gaining substance until I could see it clearly even when looking directly at it.

The whole experience was amazing we had been joined by a ghostly spirit made of ephemeral energy that was now obviously paying close attention to Lilly whilst ignoring me completely. As I watched spellbound the entity reached out to touch her hair, but its ghostly finger slipped right through the strands. It had taken up a position in between her body and the chair. Then it sniffed her perfume and began to touch her intimately. It was horrible to watch, I had the feeling that it was a predator sizing up it next prey and lusting for the taste of her young fresh flesh. It was becoming sickeningly aroused.

I was quite distracted from the cabaret and felt a wave of repulsion creep over my body as the apparition pawed and molested my beautiful innocent companion.

“Can’t you feel what it is doing? It’s so repulsive, evil and perverted.” I said covertly controlling my anger.

“Yes, I know exactly what it is doing! I’m in total control, don’t worry I’m luring it in by giving off victim energy signals. I can sense it’s done this many times before with murderous intent but I am holding back my disgust and horror.”

“You are braver than me; it’s so creepy and disgusting to watch. The entity is richly dressed in medieval clothes and I don’t like what it’s doing to you one bit! I can feel the anger rising in me, it’s my protective nature; I can’t help it!”

“You go it will detect and then latch onto you. Now is your chance to investigate and find the source of its negative energy. I will distract and hold it here for as long as I can.”

I intuitively understood what Lilly was saying as it somehow was an echo of a familiar past. The entity was supporting itself by drawing off negative energy from other souls near by, they were its victims and too weak to break free. I was an energy vampire enslaving and using other weaker spirits to feed its insatiable ego.

I left the table and proceeded to the gentleman’s toilet. I was uneasy about leaving Lilly entwined in the clutches of this obscene apparition but I trusted her judgement and knew that I would be of infinitely more help by finding the spirit source of negative energy that it was feeding off.

I located the door and descended down an old stair case into the cellar of the building. The musty smell attacked my nose and I felt a distinct temperature drop as I entered the space below the modern current street level. The fabric of the building here was considerably older and definitely felt medieval in construction and materials. The word Medieval took on a new meaning as I kept repeating the syllables to myself; medi-evil, medi-evil, medi-evil. The lights flickered and dimmed increasing my apprehension.

This was not a nice place. I quickly relieved myself and started to wash my hands in the basin. It was then that I could feel the hairs on my neck starting to rise and I had the distinct feeling that I was being watched by something in the shadows. The lights began to flicker and I heard the distinctive sound of a child sobbing, faintly at first but then it grew stronger and nearer. It was a lone child’s voice but as I listened I heard many more in the distance. My heart began to race and I could feel it beating inside my chest as I drew ever shorter breaths.

Then I felt something tugging at the hem of my jacket. I somehow controlled the overwhelming reaction to jump with super human endeavour and looked into the mirror in front of me.

I was a young boy of no more than 12 years dressed as a page in rich medieval clothes but there was something very wrong, very wrong indeed; they were totally soaked in blood! His white face was stricken with terror; blood flowed from the corners of his mouth and mingled with the tears that flowed freely down his cheeks.

Transfixed I stared into the mirror not daring to move and held my breath as I allowed his spirit to make contact with me in its own time. I dropped my wet right hand to my side and extended it backwards in an open gesture. I felt the child grip it hesitantly and I felt the temperature drop simultaneously from my warm flesh.

“What is your name little one?” I said whilst still staring into the mirror.

The boy looked startled and instantly recoiled as though bitten by a rabid dog letting go of my hand.

“Don’t be afraid I’m here to help you little one. Focus your mind and tell me your name. I can feel you when you touch me and I can see you in the mirror.”

I saw his terrified white face begin to relax and his face quivered into a tearful smile. I extended my hand backwards again in a gesture of friendship and felt him touch my palm with his index finger.

“That’s it, good boy, I felt that. Now focus your energy and tell me who you are and how I can help?”

The child tightened his grip on my hand and tried to mouth words. I noticed an obscene gash appear across his throat and knew instantly that this was the mortal wound that had killed him. The innocent child had died by having his throat cut and the blood drained slowly from him.

My stomach knotted in revulsion of those that could perform such an act. I began to guess that it was probably the depraved creature that was at this moment latched onto Lilly above.

“My name is Jeudon; I was an apprentice to the furrier Guillaume Hilairet.” The voice came into my head. I smiled and turned towards the boy then dropped down onto one knee so as to be less intimidating. The boy recoiled but maintained his grip.

“Well met Jeudon, you remind me of myself when I was a page to the Duc d’Orleans in 1415. I was 12 at the time, the same age as you at a guess? I mean you no harm. I am here with my friend Lilly upstairs to help you.” I forced myself to smile despite his terrible wounds. As I watched in amazement I could see him take on visible form in front of me. I could now see clearly what had befallen him before he died.

“Sire, how is it that you are made of flesh yet were once a page?”

“It’s a long story Jeudon but we all come back and have many lives. You seem to have become stuck in this awful place. My friend Lilly was Yvette of Luxembourg, we knew Jeanne d’Arc at the time of the siege.”

It was as if a candle was slowly flickering into life before my very eyes as the truth of my words began to penetrate his mind and free his soul. He started to cry but this time it was with tears of joy.

“You are the first to be able to see me. Normally I am invisible to everyone who comes here.”

“Yes, Jeudon you live in spirit and most people can’t see you but I have a special gift. Lilly thinks you are being held captive is that true?”

“We are many, let me show you.” With that Jeudon tugged on my hand and pulled me through the door and towards the stairs. I couldn’t pass through the door as he could so I had to stop and open it first. Jeudon laughed for the first time in 600 years, “I forgot you are solid!”

The lights flickered and dimmed but I could still clearly see Jeudon holding my hand. Then I heard him cry out, “You can come out. He is my friend. He can see me!”

At that the sobbing stopped and a scene of indescribable sadness emerged from the physical stairway. Many, many young children of all ages came towards me all bearing horrific injuries. Many had wounds to their neck and limbs indicating the barbaric manner in which they had been dispatched. Many had been bled to death slowly and then been dismembered.

The look of fear in their eyes was heart breaking to behold and I felt as though I had been doused in ice cold water. The lights flickered flared and went out as their collective electromagnetic energy interfered with the flow of electrons in the copper wires above me. I was over come by sadness and grief. Lilly was right it was a holocaust, so many innocent lives cut short and their souls held captive by the monster that sat above.

Some 300 passed by me and I seem to absorb all of their pain and sorrow. As I did so it was replaced by anger and an avenging violent rage which started at the base of my spine and flowed upwards through my central nervous system to explode in my brain. I felt the energy within me glow and give me strength.

Jeudon looked at me, “Now you know the truth, monsieur. The monster that did this sits with your friend and his name is Gilles de Rais!”

I exploded with rage, now I knew who we were dealing with. A battle hardened aristocratic Breton dragon knight and companion of Jeanne d’Arc at the siege of Orleans. He had gone over to the occultism, satanic worship and child sacrifice in 1433 to satisfy his sadistic excesses.

“Lilly and I will avenge you Jeudon and you together with the other children can return to the light.” I knelt and made the sign of the cross in the air with my right hand in the same manner as a priest.

He smiled and began to fade before my eyes as did the other children that surrounded me. I was now in full battle mode, my fury aroused. I strode up the stairs and back into the main darkened dining hall. Barely containing my rage I sat opposite back Lilly. I could see that the monstrous energy vampire was still obscenely entertaining itself a Lilly’s expense. Sensing my anger it turned towards me, it could obviously feel my disgust and hatred for it.

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost, Yann!” Lilly looked shocked at my appearance and could feel the violence that boiled beneath my flesh.

“I have seen too many, Lilly. We must destroy this depraved thing that sits before us. He has no power now.” I stood up and boomed out in a strong loud voice, “I name thee Gilles de Laval, Baron de Rais, child murderer and satanic egotist; be gone from this place!”

The apparition started to glow red and flew at me grabbing my throat. I felt the wind leaving my lungs as I was knocked into my chair. I struggled to breathe. My own energy rose but was no match for this demon spirit. Then the room exploded and lit up with an incandescent bright blue light. It emanated from Lilly’s head, body and finger tips. It engulfed the seething red spirit that clung to my throat and surrounded it.

As the blue energy it intensified in brilliance so that the red ball of energy diminished and contracted in size. Brighter and brighter Lilly glowed, her face turning into that of a vengeful goddess venting her utmost fury and spite on the object of her annoyance.

I could feel my throat loosen and air return to my lungs. I coughed and spluttered. The red light reduced to a pinpoint and then exploded into a fading burst of light like a spent firework. With that the blue light emanating from Lilly brightened in colour and then in an instant dissipated into the room. Lilly sat once more calm and serene in front of me.

The audience in the dining hall applauded as they obviously thought it was all part of the cabaret act!

The waitress came over, “everything alright Madame?” She enquired with an air of concern.

“Yes, no problem, my partner obviously had something nasty stuck in his throat! He’s fine now, no need to worry.” With that Lilly took a sip of her wine and continued with her main course. Then she dismissed the waitress with a wave of her hand and a smile.

I felt the rage inside me subside and my pulse returned to normal.

“I seem to be late for my main course, mustn’t let it get cold! It looks delicious. I will tell you the details later my darling when you are not eating.” I smiled and Lilly raised her glass.

“I think you will find it is job done when you return to the source of the negativity; one up to us then, Santé!” Lilly could sense a change in the atmosphere.

I lifted my glass somewhat shakily and chinked glasses. “Yes, it feels that way. I am glad you are on my side my angel of light.”

“I think I will take a walk and go see for myself.” Lilly smiled then excused herself and exited the room discretely. After several minutes she returned ginning from ear to ear, “No problem, it feels perfectly normal down there. You go have a look as a lady can’t go where you go! See what you think?”

I sat for a moment then made my way to the foot of the stairs. It felt a lot different, very normal now, just warm and pleasant; I smiled to myself. Entering the Hommes I decided to wash my hands and to splash some water on my face in an attempt to freshen up. The room went suddenly cold around me and condensation formed on the mirror.

Then I watched writing appear on its smooth glass surface;

You have freed us, Merci

A warm orange light began to materialise in front of my face. It took the shape of a boy’s face; it was Jeudon. He smiled a radiant smile and the light of his soul shone brightly in his eyes. I smiled back and with that he faded.

I was moved to tears by the experience which was so far removed from anything I have ever witnessed. I dried my face and looked at myself in the mirror. Regaining my composure I made my way upstairs and back to our table.

“Job done?” Lilly enquired as I sat down.

“Absolutely, job done,” I raised my glass, “Santé!”

Jan 18, '12
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