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12 A Secret Revealed
Jan 16, '12

Chapter 12: A Secret Revealed

Lilly came down to dinner clutching two neatly wrapped parcels, one slightly thicker than the other; my curiosity was immediately engaged.

“Bonsoir, Yann!” Now it is my turn to blow your mind.” She said with a grin and flicked back her beautiful auburn hair. Lilly ordered an aperitif for us both, it was Kir Royale again, which she knew I associated with a celebration.

“Wow! This is becoming a quite a habit, what’s the occasion, Lilly?”

I’m going to keep you in suspense a moment longer! Let’s order first. I’m hungry.”

My mind started to race; what could it be? She was obviously savouring the moment supreme! I scanned the menu and went for the seafood starter, followed by the local fish a form of carp. Not too surprisingly Lilly ordered the same plus a bottle of the dry white Loire valley vin blanc to compliment our choice.

“Garçon a bottle of the Pouilly-Fumé if you please,” then she turned to me and continued, ”the smoky minerality of the Sauvignon Blanc grape will bring out the delicate flavour of the fish exquisitely! What think you?”

“Absolutely, mon cheri!” I was lost for words but managed to recover the situation with a burst of confidence to cover my ignorance.

The waiter was impressed with Lilly’s choice and mentioned his approval to her. She smiled graciously and then returned to business.

“Now, monsieur Yann Baillieu, it’s my turn to amaze and astound you!” With a beautiful smile she touched my hand, which sent an electric shiver through my whole body and handed me my present. It was exquisitely wrapped in royal blue paper with a flurry of gold fleur d’lys, gold ribbon and a flourish finished it off perfectly.

“I can tell you are a Dragon Princess, the merest touch of you hand is enough to send my nervous system into ecstasy!” Lilly blush but she knew it was true. “Your taste in gift wrapping is as impeccable as your manners; I’m so impressed and it’s not even my birthday.”

“Go ahead you may open it. I want to take a picture of your face!” With that she reached for her camera and sat back waiting to catch a pure Facebook moment.

I started to unwrap the soft package and my mind began to intuit the nature of its contents through touch. I guessed it was clothing and could see it was black; the plot thickened. A hood appeared shrouding a grey T shirt bearing a Jeanne d’Arc image but it was a black hoodie that gripped my attention. Obviously, Lilly was trying to make me trendy! Then I opened it up fully and suddenly leapt up from the table. For there emblazoned on the front was the white cross of the Black Brethren in perfect mathematical proportion exactly as I had seen it on Lilly in my flash back timeslip. My mouth gaped open in astonishment, Lilly clicked continuously away on her camera and giggled.

“Now I know for sure that I have got it right! Your reaction confirms it.”

I was rendered speechless as tears of emotion and remembrance welled up in my eyes. I traced the outline with my finger and the touch confirmed that it was real and not illusory. Regaining control of myself, I could see that it had been beautifully hand stitched in appliqué onto the chest of the midnight black hoodie.

Breaking my silence I stammered, “How did you know? It’s, its perfect!”

“First a toast!” said Lilly as she put her camera down and raised her glass. “To Yvette of Luxembourg, high priestess of the Black Brethren.”

“To Yvette!” I raised my glass and chinked it against hers. The very name echoing from her lips reverberated in my soul. She knew, somehow she knew much more than I had revealed; my prediction had been correct, Yvette/Lilly had played a very important part in l’affaire Jeanne d’Arc and beyond.

As I watched she opened up her own identical but thinner parcel to reveal a twin matching hoodie emblazoned with the distinctive white cross. “Tomorrow it is full Moon and we shall make good use of them!”

I started to see that this was all part of “the little plan” that she had mentioned earlier.

“A-hah! Now you have blown my mind you can tell me more over dinner.” As if on cue the seafood starter arrived and as I listened Lilly unfolded her tale:-

“It was the night of the Chateau Jaulny trip when I arrived home. I expected to just fall asleep after my shower, but like you in the hotel room the coloured lights of the looking glass well beckoned me; so I jumped in and this is exactly what I experienced.

I was Yvette of Luxembourg, my mother told me right from being very young that I was special. I knew this because I could see events before they happened and I could see and converse with dead people. As I became a teenager my mother talked to me again and told me that I was a Dragon Princess and that I would have a special mission of great importance to perform in my 23rd Year.

In that year there came into my life a freelance knight called Robert des Armoises who had fallen out of favour with the Duc du Bar for surrendering a castle of his without permission to my mother’s allies. My mother recognised instinctively that he was a dragon knight and had turned up exactly on cue as she had foreseen to help in a mission of incredible importance to the fate of France.

A royal princess of the Dragon line would play the part of a peasant girl in order to fulfil the prophecy made that a young girl would raise the populous of France in revolution against the English Godons. The word Godon intrigued me and my mother explained that the English were called that by the French because of their continual blaspheming using the phrase; God damnation. The Dauphin would become king and be crowned in Reims by her actions. History would, thus be corrected and all powers held in balance again to preserve the future. This would keep humanity on track in its spiritual and political evolution.

I, Yvette of Luxembourg, would act as high priestess and fairy Elven navigator to a group of seven souls that would form a secret Brotherhood called the Black Brethren. Robert des Armoises would lead the seven to support and protect la Pucelle – the Maid in her mission.

As my mother was Duchess of Luxembourg and related by marriage to Philip, Duke of Burgundy she could not be seen to openly support the Armagnac cause against Burgundy’s allies the English - Godons. The plot had been conceived by Yolande of Anjou who had enlisted my mother’s help as a fellow dragon queen.

Jehanne was the 12th daughter of Ysabeau of Bavaria and her father was the King of France; the sang royale, the royal dragon blood ran in her veins. She was taught to speak eloquently in a courtly manner, to converse in 4 languages, to joust and to commend armies. She was the living golden arrow that would be fired to trigger the ousting of the English and set France on course for nationhood again. Even her name would be a clue, d’Arc - the Bow. The Dauphin gave a coat of arms to the d’Arc family of a bow and 3 arrows argent, the centre one golden tipped and fletched representing Jehanne supported by two arrows crossed argent to represent the two brothers of her adopted family, all set on a field of azure royal blue. Jehanne herself would be given the coat of arms of, a sword upturned argent, bearing the crown of France gold, supported on either side by the royal fleur d’lys of France gold; by her sword she would win back the crown of France!

You just have to know the code and I remembered. Then internet research confirmed what my subconscious knew to be true.”

I was totally amazed and sat silently like a school boy listening to this incredible story from his learned teacher. All the meanwhile Lilly nibbled at her starter and barely drew breath.

The main course arrived, Lilly poured me another glass of Loire vin blanc and continued her story:-

“The white cross kept shining in my mind. It was beautiful, so pure and mathematical in construction; so precise. I stood in front of it and knew that I was the living book that had recorded its secrets for then and this present time. I could see that you and I had been together many times throughout history and that we had worked together in ancient Greece to defeat the Persians and allow western democracy to flourish in Athens.

The living cross was a symbol of reincarnation; it encoded this message in an acceptable form to avoid persecution from the Catholic church. They were the very same organisation that had perverted the message for their own greed, power and control; for they had no power on a do-it-yourself spiritual universe. They posed as holy and pious when the reverse was true. Stories of heaven and hell were invented to scare the ignorant masses into submission and slavery; whilst all the time they waged a genocide war of annihilation against the old fairy races and their clairvoyant powers.

In ancient Greece the Divine proportion or Golden Mean and its relationship with reincarnation was known and held in secret by the Pythagoreans, they in turn had gained the knowledge from the Egyptians. The Pentagram and the Dodecahedron were visible geometric manifestations of the Golden Mean ratio – Phi Φ and as such therefore symbols of reincarnation.

This was due to the reiterative properties of the ratio which enabled it to maintain its proportion at any scale; it could literally spin its way from the invisible fine matter sub-quantum universe into the coarse atomic matter universe yet maintain its structure. In that way spirit could interlock with matter!

It is the one constant that can endlessly repeat itself and contained miraculous mathematical properties, Phi squared is itself plus one and the reciprocal of Phi; one over Phi is itself minus one. It is totally unique. It can also be expressed as the irrational constant 1.6180339... which along with Pi 3.1415926... describes the invisible and the visible universe. Pi describes the material world with its 2D circles and 3D spheres that make up our atomic reality. So the ancients reasoned that Phi must be to do with the spiritual; the invisible part of the universe. Hence its status.”

Lilly paused for breath and realised that she had been doodling on the table cloth again with her Mont Blanc pen. She had barely touched her fish, but I didn’t want her to stop as he was about to divulge something of great importance. My subconscious knew what she was about to say and was hanging on the edge of its seat, it was screaming in my ear EXACTLY! My conscious mind was still playing catch up and was totally bemused by Lilly’s virtuoso performance.

Lilly took several small mouthfuls and sipped her white wine. She took up her pen and started to draw the cross on the table cloth.

“I checked modern research and several sacred geometry websites and it confirmed that our DNA is a double helix spiral based on a ratcheted dodecahedron with pentagram side sugars. The whole amazing living molecule and the key to our physical existence is based on the Golden Mean! The ancients were right. Spirit can interlock with matter across the dimensions due to the unique mathematical properties of the Phi Φ ratio.

So Robert des Armoises constructed his blazon and heraldic arms to encode this ratio secretly for those of the Black Brethren who could read it and would know its secret meaning. The symbol, a white cross, would be eminently acceptable to the Catholic church and its fanatical priesthood who were ignorant of its true meaning. It would also be a message to leave to his future self that he had walked this way before.

This is what he did; he knew that Phi Φ can be calculated by using the square root of 5 plus 1 divided by 2, so he took 5 squares arranged in an equal armed cross after the fashion of the Swiss national emblem. He extended the outer line of each arm to 1.6180339 units of its original length. Then he added one square more in the middle but half the size. Then by drawing the diagonal cross lines and erasing the original square construction boxes a beautifully proportioned cross is seen and the underlying construction hidden!

The rooted 5 squares, plus 1 divided by 2!”

Lilly grinned triumphantly and sat back in her chair as she watched the light of revelation flicker in my eyes.

“Yes, of course, I remember now. You have it exactly; absolutely correct! Wow!”

Lilly picked at her fish in satisfaction and I sat back sipping my wine in total admiration of my dragon princess.

“Fleur d’Lilly you are truly a marvel; how clever you are! Your mother chose well in selecting you for the mission all those years ago.”

Lilly grinned, raised her glass in silent salute and drank freely. Then pausing and replacing the glass firmly on the table. “Oh one last thing, what did it all symbolise and mean. That came to me last night after you showed me the dragon shielded figures and pop up book.

The blazon is a variation of the Babylonian black sun symbol as used by the Teutonic knights and German forces ever since. Ours however is the white sun of spiritual illumination and as such represents the inner spirit of the person wearing it, radiating outward into the material world, represented by its four symmetry square shape. As such it is a microcosmic reflection of the macrocosmic whole of creation as it extrudes itself into the physical world; unstoppable, infinite and irresistible! As above; so below!


Lilly raised her glass and drained it in one. “Now what shall we have for desert?”

I laughed out loud and started to applaud my confederate. “Wow! You have taken my mind and blown every fuse in it several times; you are truly amazing!”

Lilly laughed too and simply said, “The lemon sorbet looks nice!”

Jan 16, '12
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