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Jul 17, '11

A cropcircle report from my visit to wacky wonderful Wiltshire July 12 to 14, 2011.

An awesome three days with my past life Viking sister who has just launched her book on cropcircles in English.

Earth mother temple of Avebury our spiritual home, always a pleasure to visit. Great flight thanks to Wiltshire Microlight centre, Yatesbury.

Big thanks to pilot Andy.

The circlemakers gifted me with a double Celtic spiral formation on Windmill hill, Avebury.

I found this an amazing coincidence as I had been looking at the Celtic jewellery in the British museum, London on Sunday!

Or had my space brothers and sisters been tuning in to my mind?!

My good Dutch friend Janet Ossebaard and her Dutch study group found blown nodes, with steam expulsion cavities and a caterpillar with a burnt bottom yet it was still alive!!! showing it was in the wrong place at the wrong time when the energy vortex hit.

I also enjoyed seeing the Celtic triangle at Milk Hill among many other circles.

So for a splendid adventure and a first hand experience get down to Wiltshire right NOW and experience the magic !!!

No report is complete with out a shot of our beautiful Silbury Hill, which means the Hill of shining beings! It's all in the name...

Dr Ian C Baillie July, 2011.

Jul 17, '11

Well hello Dr Bailey... I met you on our way out of the Mayan Long Count circle at Windmill hill - together with my little kids and sceptic scientific husband! I said I'd check out your site and I have... and I like it.

Check out the comments on the Crop circle

Cat x

Aug 04, '11

Hi Cat! Great to hear from you. I will write an article on 'our' weekend to go with this article. May I say first what a lovely family you all are! Fascinating formation I had the feeling that it was very special. It felt so welcoming. I think your husband would do well with my wife who is the ultimate sceptic! Lol as a scientist it is a prediction and we shall witness the outcome if any. Something is definitely up though!!! Consciousness shift and the move to become a space faring planet is my bag. Plus time travel ETs (we are the ETs) etc. Glad you like the site. E books are free to download! Enjoy X

Aug 04, '11
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