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Sacred Geometry
Feb 22, '11

Sacred geometry is the universal language of creation. It unfolds automatically without the need for an instruction book. It is perfect and harmonic with all life, non-life and the material universe. The universal creative principle of implosion as proposed by Viktor Schauberger (30 June 1885 ? 25 September 1958) the Austrian alternative scientist showed the way as any technology based on explosions and the destructive principle cannot last.

He famously told Adolf Hitler, "Ihr bewegt falsch!" - Your principle is false. He was proven correct as the Third Reich lasted only 12 years, not a vaunted 1000 as boasted. Copy nature should be the simple principle, for nature has solved all problems.

All readers should study geometry more thoroughly but alas most people are put off as children after a bad experience with mathematics at school. I only appreciated this fact after studying and visiting the beautiful cropcircles of southern England in the early 90s.

The above Youtube clip shows one of the best that I visited in 2010. Again I urge readers to get involved and experience the formations and their magical atmosphere in the landscape - you will never look back!

The study of scared geometry will lead naturally on to an appreciation of Fractal geometry which orders the world around us. Everything is made of Fractals. Mind blowing, mind expanding, magnificent and majestic.

The Mandelbrot set contains all mathematical sets within it itself. As we zoom infinitely inward we see self similarity re-iterated perfectly at every level. We see ourselves, nerves, brains, trees, octopuses and shellfish which brings us neatly back to the start of this article in a full circle.

In 1996 I flew over a perfect triple armed Julia set which formed as an enormous 297 circle crop formation on the gentle slopes of Windmill Hill, Avebury, Wiltshire. For me it was the holy grail of revelation and my mind made a quantum leap in awareness.

It's beauty now captured in crystal....

Dr Ian C Baillie February, 2011

Feb 22, '11

This is absolutely beautiful. Everything is interconnected, life within life within life...

Dec 12, '11

Love this article, but you probably expected that!


Feb 23, '11
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