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Temporary Temples
Feb 13, '11

I have personally known Steve Alexander since 1994 and have supported his outstanding work in documenting the crop circle phenomenon. It is also with the greatest pleasure that I have know Karen Alexander since 2001. Together they make a formidable team and have gone from strength to strength in producing a year book of the formations and developing the Summer Crop circle lectures.

I regard the crop formations as "the keys to consciousness" in that they are central to expanding our awareness and personal spiritual development like no other contemporary phenomenon.

Therefore I urge all readers of this website and article to visit Steve and Karen's website in order to support their valuable work.

Steve & Karen Alexander have been photographing and researching the crop circles for over 20 years and for the past 15 years they have produced an annual Year Book showcasing the very best formations of each year. These books are beautifully produced and they contain some of the best crop circle photography you will find anywhere. These books are self-published and not widely available and many consider them the most important crop circle documents available. To keep up with the latest circles as they happen you can subscribe to our free newsletter. We send you information and pictures of the latest UK circles as soon as they happen directly to your inbox along with special offers from our online shop. You can also access the latest pictures via our image library.

The Summer Crop Circle Lectures

Every year since 2005 Karen and Steve have hosted the immensely successful Summer Lectures in Devizes.

Together with our very own Michael Glickman and a host of guest speakers the latest research and thoughts on and around the subject are discussed and disseminated.

This year's 2014 weekend in Devizes is the weekend of Friday 25 to Sunday 27, July.

Feb 13, '11

The universe is a lot weirder than we can possibly imagine. The answer is complicated and to you must look for yourself as the journey is everything, for when we complete the journey we just start another. A simple answer is yes! But then we are the Aliens!!! Consciousness interacts with the landscape to form a complex mathematical dialogue that is definitely interactive and therefore two way. We are never alone. We never have been as all is one. Our space brothers and sisters are definitely involve but then we are them and they are us. Cool

May 27, '11

how are these crop circles formed???

are these formed by the 'aliens' of what?

Mar 23, '11
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