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Turkish ET Incident
Feb 15, '11

Even though these sighting occurred in 2007, 2008 and 2009 I feel they are worth repeating here. The film evidence is unique and exceptional. The debate continues as to whether it was all an elaborate hoax but handsome is as handsome does! A picture is just a picture and a video is just a video but when multiple sources are cross referenced and checked we start to get an idea of what is out there.

At one point in the video the occupants commonly called "Grays" allegedly from Zeta Reticuli some 33 light years from Earth can clearly be seen and moving within the craft. I would suggest that they desired to be seen as part of the ongoing drip feed programme that has been in place on this planet for thousands of years.

Remarkably the craft made a return appearance the following year.

Very interesting! Film over the sea of Marmara near Istanbul the whole sighting is perhaps the best ever seen of the Grays. The craft looks very much to be a scout ship on patrol with the deliberate intent of being seen. The whole area sits on a massive tectonic fault line which may also be part of the reason for appearing there.

The above video clip gives a good analysis of the craft. The one below shows the occupants clearly.

Dr Roger Leir returned in 2009 and capture images of the same craft.

A remarkable case...

Dr Ian C Baillie February, 2011

Feb 15, '11

I have added two new YouTube clips of this important UFO case. I still find the whole incident remarkable especially having lived through the period before camcorders when witnesses were ridiculed deliberately by those covering up the ET contact phenomenon. Enjoy! The truth will out!!!

Oct 15, '11

The video from this article has been errased at the source.

May 24, '11

All fixed-new links installed :)

Oct 15, '11
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