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The Pleiadian Civilisation
May 11, '13

The most obvious is that of the Pleiadians. The Pleiadians splintered off from the Lyran group, some going directly to the Pleiades from Lyra, others going to Earth and mixing their genetics with the Earth genetics for themselves, then going back to the Pleiades to join some of the other Lyran splinter groups there. The standard Pleiadian is a mixture of the different genotypes we've talked about. Generally, a Pleiadian will manifest anywhere from blonde to even some black - haired, or very dark - brown - haired strains. The eyes are generally light blue to a light brown - Caucasian. Generally, they are Caucasian. They can range from very petite (five feet tall) to very large (sometimes seven feet tall - rare, but possible). You can see how some of the recessive genes that they brought from their Lyran heritage (the giants, for instance) may manifest in a body. So the Pleiadian group, in terms of the Caucasian type, is very diverse.

Question: These light brown eyes you keep mentioning, would they appear at first to be gold?


Question: So reports of golden eyes would actually be these light brown eyes, as opposed to our standard brown eyes?

Yes, it is not like your standard brown eyes. When we are talking about eye color, in no way are we talking about what you know as eye color. What you see of your own eye color is only how your eyes reflect light in this reality. If you are vibrating at a different rate or if you are in another plane of reality, all color quality changes, because the laws governing light reflection change and the quality of reflected light changes. So we can describe this only broadly. There are other colors of eyes, but if we told you lavender eyes, you would picture what lavender looks like and then your perception of what we're saying would be very wrong. So we keep this information very standardized.

There's really no need to go further into the Pleiadian genotypes because they reflect the Lyran groups very much. Some are combinations; some are redheads; some are very light - skinned. Pleiadian physical expression is basically dealing with Lyran genetics and, in some cases, Lyran and Terran genetics. Is that complete?

Question: Can you talk about the emotional temperament of the Pleiadians, the similarities or dissimilarities within their own groups and in comparison to us? Is it similar to ours, and is there variance of emotional temperament within the Pleiadian groupings?

Their emotional bodies are much more harmonious, though, understand that where they are today came from their denial of negativity. We've talked to you about that already, so that's nothing new. You, on the other hand, deny both negativity and positivity in an attempt to be neutral or nonfeeling. That is what a greater portion of your reality attempts to do. Now, to some degree this is an attempt at balancing what you see as your forefathers' energies, because obviously whatever they did didn't work for them, since they were still in conflict. So you are bound and determined not to do what your forefathers did in just about every way. The Pleiadian emotional structure is now not repressing negativity, for the most part. However, who they are today is because of their repression of negativity. So to some degree that's how something that is actually a negative thing (repression) can turn into a growth process that can eventually lead to the growth that is sought.

Question: Is the potential similar; is the basic emotional structure similar?

Oh, yes. We would say, more than any of the other races we've talked about with you. The emotional similarity between the Pleiadians and yourselves is most pronounced. One of the biggest reasons for the difference is simply the differences in your reality. If, let's say, several thousands of years ago, Pleiadians from that era came and lived on your world today, they would have become you emotionally. But with their evolution, that would not occur.

May 11, '13
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