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Human Reptilian History
May 11, '13

Reptilian/Human Galactic History and Current Situation

by Paul Richard Atkinson

Nov 11, 2009

Big thanks to Paul for posting this article. The information tallies so well with my own memories such that I find myself agreeing with every paragraph. "Knowing" information one's self is one thing but finding others who know and remember the exact same thing is a joy! We must work with the Reptilians - I have always strived to do that. It is a challenge. The alternative is endless unceasing war. We must dispel our fears and differences and seek to understand who and what we are and I think Paul has done and outstanding job. ...

As a group member of the understanding reptilians group; I would like to provide the members of such a group with a summary of the history between humans and reptilian humanoids. Before I chronicle a brief outline of such a history I would like to inform the reader of how one came to be cognisant of such information. I have read many channelled books on galactic history and I have also undergone hypnotic regression. Such regression uncovered memories in which I relived lives as humans on other planets and reptilian humanoids on other planets too. So, this information is a combination of both uncovered memories and general research. Having been incarnated into both races and other races, I speak from a neutral view point and I seek to simply further enlighten the already awakened members of this group.

The great human and reptilian conflict was spawned millions of years ago in the Lyra constellation. Reptilian beings came in many different manifestations such as the great white Dracos, crocodile humanoids, lizard humanoids, snake humanoids and other various reptilian beings.The reptilians, an ancient race, billions of years old, settled into the constellation of Draco at least thirty five million years ago. One of the main settlements was on a planet called Tiphan that orbits Alpha Draconis. (According to some), many reptile beings were created by bird beings. The Draconians, eventually colonised other planets in their system. Most notably, Eta Draconis which has two colonised planets by the names of Sam`Kech`Qlah and Seck`ha`lak`b`ekn. Stigma Draconis is said to have two planets colonised one by the name of Dosk`Qech`Qlah. Such planets are said to have red or orange grasslands and many vast dinosaurs which the Dracos often ride and use in battles. The bird beings were an ancient race who helped seed the universe along with another ancient race of feline people. The feline people, who were to later colonise planets arond Sirius A, eventually created their own race; humans!

Lion people, another ancient race, billions of years old, and a benevolent and fearless race, created humans (according to some sources), in the constellation of Lyra upon a planet called Avyon that orbitted the star Vega approximately eight to six million years ago. Such humans were created to be upper chakra, feminine beings of the light. Whereas, the bird beings, who created the reptilian beings, created the reptilian beings to be lower chakra, masculine beings of logic. The lion people told humans that they were to live in peace with other sentient beings in the universe, who they would one day encounter. However, the bird people had told the reptilians that they were to conquer any other beings they found in the universe and that they were the superior race.

Bird people were very intellectual beings, and very militaristic, and other ancient race. The bird beings had passed these traits onto the reptilians. And, likewise, the felines, who were very clever and emotional beings, imbued humans with their traits too. So, you had two races who were the exact opposites of each other, both in their physiologies, and their psychologies. After the lion people had seeded humans on a planet that orbited the star; Vega in Lyra, a group of lizard people who had settled in Orion, arrived on the humans planet. Such reptilian beings had encountered other universal races before, most notably dolphin people and amphibian people, who they had warred with, and enslaved some of them. But the humans had never seen another race other than their universal creators the lion people. So, when both humans and reptilians encountered each other there was shock and surprise on both sides, especially the humans.

The two races, despite their vast differences, mingled peacefully and even interbreed on the pink grassed and purple skied planet, which possessed a great blue sun. However, news of this peaceful interaction reached hardcore members of the Draconian Empire, a great reptilian outer space organisation who believed that the only way order could be imposed in the universe was for beings to adhere to a rigid and tyrannical regime. When such beings heard that lizard people and humans were not only peacefully interacting, but interbreeding too, they decided that this must be stopped as it was in conflict with their philosophy. And, so the Draconian beings eventually attacked the humans home planet and other planets in the Lyra system which humans had fled to. The planets were known by different names; Bila, Teka and Merck, were some.

The Draconians destroyed the humans home world and other human planets that orbited Vega. After the destruction of the humans home world, humans were forced to migrate to other parts of the universe, most notably Sirius, Andromeda and the Pleiades. Humans skin colour as a result of such migration, changed to numerous colours, particularly blue and red due to humans residing on worlds that possessed blue and red suns. There were many human/reptilian hybrids that were children of the Lyrans, and these beings migrated with the humans too. The humans who migrated to Andromeda were the most successful and avoided many of the hardships which the humans who migrated elsewhere endured. The humans who migrated to Sirius, had a most unfortunate demise. (Later, however, more humans would migrate to Sirius and live in peace.) The initial humans who migrated to Sirius blamed the reptilian beings for the destruction of their cherished home world and hated anything remotely reptilian, including the human/reptilian hybrids. The hybrids, who eventually were seen as another race, fled to another planet as humans began to hunt them and kill them. Humans, upon discovering the fact that the hybrids had fled to another planet in their solar system, feared an imminent invasion from the hybrids. So, they took what they thought to be pre-emptive action - they fired a scalar wave weapon at the Sirius B sun - in an attempt to destroy the hybrids planet which was closer to the sun than their planet. However, the weapon was so powerful that not only did the humans destroy the hybrids planet, but they destroyed their own planet too! (Hence the state of the Sirius B sun today, a decimated star.)

The humans who fled to the Pleiades on the other hand had a different fate. They, having experienced what too much lower chakra energy can do, decided to completely polarise themselves to the light and exclude usage of their lower charkas. This induced stagnation, and it attracted their polar opposite; reptilians from the Empire who were polarised in the lower charkas. These beings, using vast reptilian created robots that resembled giant spiders, ants and wasps destroyed the humans planet in the Pleiades. The planet was Earth-like and possessed two yellow suns. After this dreadful event, about four and a half million years ago, humans banded together with their lion people elders and they formed an opposition force to combat the Draconian Empire; it was called . . . The Galactic Federation.

Blue humans appealed to the feline people for a new home, and the felines gave them the Sirius B constellation and helped them to colonise it again after the previous destruction. Planet Atarmunk and Muktarin, were colonised and they are the third and fouurth planets that orbit Sirius B. Such planets possess purple skies and orange soil. The humans reside in vast subterranean crystal cities. Many more planets in the Pleiades were colonised by humans and other beings and they basked in tranquillity on such planets. Elsewhere; the Draconian Empire had other problems to deal with.

Robots that were created by the Draconian Empire to conquer worlds, turned on their reptilian creators and a vicious war ensued between them. The robots won that war. The robots then travelled to Andromeda and because they was programmed to destroy all humans by the Empire, they sought to do just that and all organic life too. Galactic Federation crystalline robots, were created and they helped to reprogramme the Empire`s metallic machines of destruction. There were many other instances of human and reptilian wars in the galaxy at this time, so many in fact, that one could write entire volumes upon. However, I will chronicle that which is most relevant.

In Orion, numerous humans and other beings were both microchipped and enslaved on Orion planets, which orbited a vast red sun, and turned into drug addicts who had to dig for gold in order to receive their fix. The gold fed the Dracos desire for power. The Orion humans were also imprisoned in lower energy electromagnetic fences that prevented higher energies from entering. (Such a fence was also employed over Earth, but is now being dismantled by Federation forces.) At this period of time in the universe, many beings became involved in the great galactic wars, there was reptilian humanoids from the stars of Draco, bird humanoids from Orion, insect humanoids from Orion, grey humanoids from Zeta Reticuli and beings with seven eyes and tentacles emanating from their heads from the Triangulum Galaxy. Such beings mainly were Draconian Empire members. Feline humanoids from Sirius A, bear humanoids from Tau Ceti, horse humanoids from Arcturus, dolphin humanoids from Nu Ceti and crystal humanoids from Sirius A who were mainly Galactic Federation members. Many other beings were members of such organisations.

Many humans turned to the dark and joined forces with the Draconian Empire which was utilising the dark side of the creative force for its attempted domination of the galaxy.

Likewise many reptilian beings turned to the light and joined the Galactic Federation which generally utilised the benevolent side of the creative force. Reptilian beings were welcomed with open arms by many Federation members.

Approximately one million years ago, the great human/reptilian conflict spilled over into Earth`s solar system. Galactic Federation humans and other beings had colonised Earth, Venus, and Mars and Maldek. Such planets were four water worlds in unison. A true rarity in the galaxy. The Draconian Empire soon discovered this, and they invaded and colonised the fourth water world; Maldek. Maldek became one of their greatest assets and planets for the Draconian Empire. From Maldek, they planned to overthrow the Galactic Federation orientated Mars, Earth and Venus.

Devastatingly abhorrent and appallingly catastrophic galactic wars were fought in Earth`s constellation, hence many of the vast holes on the aforementioned planets which are classed as meteor creators, when in fact most are the result of nuclear weaponry being employed by either the Draconian Empire or the Galactic federation.

The lion people and the humans managed to rid Earth of many of the Draconian forces.

However, the Draconian forces were hardened and fearless warriors who excelled in their militaristic brilliance. With the help of their vastly intelligent and cunningly minded bird people creators, the Draconian forces decimated Mars and Venus, with scalar wave weaponry.

And, they vastly damaged Earth too. In retaliation for such destruction Galactic Federation forces, employed their great battleship planet; Nibiru.

Nibiru destroyed Maldek the great reptilian headquarters, nine hundred thousand years ago. Maldek became the asteroid belt located between Mars and Jupiter.

After this unholy destruction, Lemuria was destroyed by Atlantis.

Lemuria was mostly human, (galactic humans from numerous star systems), and democratic, whereas Atlantis was mostly human, but authoritarian and many Atlantians had sided with the Draconian forces. Atlantis was infiltrated by Draconian forces and Atlantis despised democracy and sought to impose a new world order of authoritarian dictatorship. Atlantis attacked and destroyed Lemuria twelve thousand years ago and sunk in negativity shortly afterwards due to abuse of telekinetic and psychic powers.

Then, Draconian forces resorted to clandestinely and surreptitiously incarnating into Earth humans and they imposed a human/reptilian bloodline to rule Earth and such a bloodline possessed blue reptilian blood; the royals.

In Egyptian times there was an all out war of the Gods on Earth. Reptilian and bird people fought lion people and humans. Many other beings also fought at this time too. And there was even a battle between bird people and reptile people.

In the great hieroglyphics such beings are clearly depicted and in Egyptian statues too.

Obviously, the great pyramids which are still technological and architectural masterpieces today, were built via alien technology. The pyramids and various other Egyptian stars align perfectly with star constellations. Mere primitives could not have constructed such phenomenal structures or induced stellar alignments at a time of at least five thousand years ago.

The great empires on Earth from Persia to Rome, (and modern day empires) were generally reptilian infiltrated empires. And in modern times reptilian beings have generally controlled the Earth.

The galactic wars continued in the galaxy. Many more planets were destroyed, some human, and some reptilian. Brutally horrific and heinously vile wars ensued between the Galactic Federation and the Draconian Empire; billions of humans and reptilians perished in the polarised war. The Empire believed that the only way to induce order in the universe was to impose a hierarchical dictatorship and the Federation believed that democracy and freedom was the way to peace.

In the mist of such galactic warring, humans on Earth, a very important planet both in Draconian religions, and Federation prophecies, began to wake up. And such an awaking induced a peace treaty between the Galactic Federation and the Draconian Empire. In 1995 a great treaty was signed on both sides and millions of years of galactic warring suddenly ceased. Yes, there were many hardcore Draconian members who refused to accept the peace, and such beings warred with the Draconians who did accept the peace, and eventually the Draconians who accepted the treaty prevailed. There is now peace on the Draco planets. Many reptilians left Earth and the underground bases after the treaty. Vast Galactic Federation motherships joined with Draconian spaceships, (which were once colossal warships) for the betterment of the galaxy and beyond.

And that brings us to today.

Former hardcore, devoted loyalists to the Draconian Empire regime, are now mingling in unprecedented, tranquil, reposeful and superlative peace with Federation members. This galactic peace has induced numerous star nations and beings who were once neutral due to not wanting to become involved in the polarised war between the Federation and the Empire to join the Galactic Federation. Membership has astronomically increased in the last ten years. Membership has gone from encompassing over two hundred thousand star nations to encompassing over four hundred thousand! That is double in the space of a mere ten years. It is hoped that the entire galaxy will join the Federation and end the game of polarity integration. The Galactic Federation seeks to unite all races and solar systems and desires every race to mingle in peace. And Earth is due to become a member once again of the Galactic Federation.

Seeing as there is a peace treaty on the galactic scale; hopefully this information will be greeted with acceptance with Earthlings, star seeds from galactic humans or reptilian races, or star seeds from other galactic races. Both humans and reptilians and, indeed, other races have been guilty of universal destruction for millions of years, and this article has not been wrote to condemn one side as good or bad, but to elucidate the veracity of the situation. There was simply two philosophies; one which believed in tyrannical governance and one which believed in a democratic policy. Ultimately and transcendentally, one cannot judge either as good or bad, there was simply two polarity opposites; one which believed that tyrannical governance was the way to order and the other which believed that democratic freedom was the way to peace. Now that such philosophises have successfully reconciled their polarity differences, one can only hope that Earthlings regardless of their galactic reincarnational lineage can do the same.

May 11, '13
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