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Planetary Quarantine
Feb 13, '11

Welcome to the multidimensional universe! Humanity has been deliberately shielded from the weird stuff as it would simply blow fuses. The universe is a lot stranger than we can possibly imagine. My work had given me glimpses behind the curtain. We coexist with our multiple physical selves in the NOW so Time is really a non existent illusion as death is. NOW lives is a more accurate term than past lives.


OVNI fleet photographed/videoed over Mexico March, 2009

Steve Alexander - Spot on Ian!

I always felt living here on plant Earth as we do was like being in The Truman Show. It is not what it seems.

To be here in the middle of nowhere in the Universe on this small rock, what are the chances of that? Its mindboggling!...


Ian Baillie - It is deliberate. Humanity is basically an experiment! It has been kept and nurtured in the Petrie dish. Free will means that humanity has to decide to evolve itself. It can't be done for us by our overseers. We all carry ET DNA. My memories are of being Pleiadian. It is why I know so much about UFO technology ... I was just remembering what I knew once. When we enter the 3 dimension we forget. We become asleep and forget who we are. We are the infantry on the ground in the atomic matrix helping midwife the birth of humanity - they fallen angels. Our brothers and sisters are over seeing and helping us. But it is us who are in the trenches. Mubarak has amassed $70 billion personal fortune. We work for love and nothing .... Who is the more spiritually evolved?!!! As you say the universe is not perfect - the Pleiadians have had terrible wars on a galactic scale but truth and love will prevail. It is all a cycle of learning! So we have entered service on this planet as volunteers to help correct history when it goes wrong. We have to be so careful so as not to become stuck in the karmic mud! Crop circles are our own wake up call. Hence the interaction. You are my brother a selfless spirit on the same mission. I year to get back to flying my UFO and once humanity has flown the nest we will clean up the place - my job is the oceans - just like those wonderful Egyptians with brooms yesterday!!!!


Ian Baillie - At present your helicopter is your UFO! Search your feelings emotions and memory. You have flown over this world before!

David Baxter - The great mistake of calling everything an illusion mainly lies in the misrepresentation and, at worse, the downright deliberate inversion of scriptures from eastern teachings (Bhagavad Gita-believe system)in particular that were taken from ancient texts (Aryan/Sumerian). Over the centuries they were re-designed- just like the bible, to a large degree-in effect, to put more blinkers and therefore veils over the human persona/ psyche, in order to close it down and surpress the natural superconsciousness state-that can see through all the veils within and without itself.

''THIS GRAND LIE'' which has many sub-plots contained within it has permeated throughout various western cultures and influences too, mainly by religionists and protagonists.

Through the awakening of D.N.A. the acceleration of re-empowerment has and is taking a huge leap and the ILUSIONS of false security and falsehood are breaking down around us- hence societies' instability everywhere!

Untill we correct the mistakes within ourselves, then true individual sovereinty cannot be rightfully claimed and until it is achieved our conditioned imbalances-created by programming- cannot be corrected.

Last years crop circle (Divine) formations (ourselves projected) proved this time and time again and until we correct ourselves then obviously the universe will follow in and out and through us- A MIRROR IMAGE!!!

Ian Baillie - Excellent insight David. I'll post this on the ravenecho website if that's ok?

David Baxter - Yes, Ian. By all means do...

Feb 13, '11

"My Soul is but the merest fragment of a multi-dimentional Kaleidoscope of beauty and wonder." Ross Hall c 21.7.2011 A.D.

Jul 21, '11

"Life is but a dream, perchance to sleep and glimpse reality, infinitely fractured as it is." Ross Hall c 21.07.2011

P.S. My Birthday 23.07.1953 Caio !

Jul 21, '11

Must do an article on your Bismarck memory! need a picture of you to compare ...

Jul 21, '11
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