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The Human/Reptilian Evolutionary Tree
May 03, '11

Some interesting conjecture on the evolution of the present human race. Rumour and unsubstantiated but very interesting never the less! You decide:-


According to the ancient writings and petroglyphs of the area of our Earth considered to be the cradle of humanity, namely Mesopotamia or Iraq, there existed a god like race of beings that ruled over a region of the Tigris-Euphrates river valley known as Sumeria. This society apparently flourished around 3500 B.C. and was remarkably advanced in their culture. According to their sand pitted records, their rulers or "gods" were humanoid creatures of extraterrestrial origin that descended in magical crafts, or rocket like ships. Their image was cast into history in the form of reptilian-humanoid statuettes that over fired to a green hue color.

The surviving clay tablets from this area of the world declare that before Homosapiens walked upon the Earth, these "gods" did much of their own manual labor. In order to achieve a higher standard of living, this nonhuman society genetically created a new form of life by mixing their own DNA with that of the evolutionary mammalian man or "Ape-Man." The successful results of this experiment yielded a new breed of worker class known as Homosapiens.

In the beginning, apparently, these god-like race of beings immensely enjoyed the benefit of having their slaves endure the hardships of manual labor. Excavation, farming, building and mining operations were the toil of this new born race. This labor, however, was not provided willingly. It was forced through the use of severe and ruthless governorship.

These, not so bright, beings suffered greatly under the firm rule of their strange looking gods and their misery did not go unnoticed by a few of the nonhuman masters. According to the Sumerian tablets, inside the god society, a conspiracy was brewing to free Homo sapiens from their bonds of slavery and teach them the spiritual and scientific knowledge necessary to uplift their essence to a god-like stature. Apparently, the name of this rebellious reptilian being leader was Enlil or Ea.


The Sumerian tablets tell us that the rebel God called Ea was the extraterrestrial being that controlled the genetic creation of Homosapiens in abeyance to the instructions of his superiors. After his involvement with the original genetic experiment, his compassion for the plight of the slave race shifted his role as a genetic engineer to that of a freedom fighter. It is also related that Ea?s headquarters was in a swamp like area he called "Snake Marsh" because it was also a den to many reptiles or snakes. In other words, the first fight for freedom took place in an area known as Ea-Den.

It's an interesting point that, according to Biblical text, a snake or "reptilian" not only seduced Eve, the first female caretaker of the garden, away from the arms of Adam, but also gave them knowledge in a beautiful garden called E-DEN. We are also told that this was done against the wishes of his superior and, as punishment for this treasonous act, the progressive reptilian and his cohorts were ordered to remain underground, within the vast cavern systems of the earth. Along with this punishment, it was ruled that the reptilian was to never interfere with humans again and that their generations will not only not know of each other, but will learn to hate each other. This last declaration was initiated by changing the name of the reptilian being from "Lucifer" which literally means the bringer of light or knowledge to "Satan" or adversary. The Sumerian texts also relate a somewhat similar fate for the reptilian being called Ea.

The teachings of the reptilian Ea, thereafter referred to as the esoteric mysticism of the snake brotherhood, caused a major shift in the perceptions of reality for the early Homosapiens. It is in the assorted descriptions of this turning point in human evolution that we get our first glimpse as to what these advanced beings actually looked like in comparison to our own physical characteristics.


For the sake of mental focus, the following example is taken primarily from the Christian Bibles Book of Genesis. It?s deeply rooted symbolism is thought, by some people, to be a compilation of occulted Genesis legend or physical beginnings from all spiritual beings around the world. This is important to remember because one must be aware of the fact that I am in no way attempting to push anyone religion in this presentation. The historical description of reptilian beings having had a monumental influence on human evolution can be seen in the multi cultural symbolism and myth surrounding the tree of knowledge.

The symbolical tree of knowledge, the Palm tree in Ea-Den, is depicted as having a trunk around which a half-man, half-snake being is entwined. It is from this tree that the rebellious reptilian taught the human, Eve. As the information was absorbed by Eve and hence passed onto Adam, their perceptions of awareness and reality quickly shifted, rendering the two in a severe state of shock and fear (thus, it is said that a person who is totally unaware of the reality in which they live, resides in an "Edenic state"). The legend explains that, soon thereafter, they both ran from the voice of God, not because they had their first sexual relationship with each other or that they were shy of their nakedness, it was because they were suddenly aware that there was a profound physical difference between the Gods and themselves. The reptilians had scales covering their bodies as a form of protection from the elements and the Homosapiens suddenly realized that they didn't. Until this time, the Homo sapiens had no conception that they were in any way physically different from their reptilian counterparts. They had finally leapt from their childlike ignorance of their situation into to the realization that they were intended, by design, to be tillers of the field and slaves to the other reptilian overlords.

Years later other messengers also arrived upon the scene and, once again, attempting to free mankind from the bondage of slavery by teaching spiritual and magical knowledge. They also were punished severely by the rulers of the population. One difference was, however, that instead of being labeled "Satans" or adversaries, one was named Quetzalcoatl or "Feathered Snake" and the other the Savior Yashua, or Christ.

The symbolism of the tree of knowledge is not limited to the Christians, but it is also represented by the Banyan tree from under whose branches the East Indian God Krishna sat upon a coiled serpent and bestowed upon man spiritual knowledge. Another reptilian God whose death upon a crucifix was etched into stone was that of Quetzalcoatl, the winged serpent god of the great Toltec and Aztec civilization. The wooden crucifix upon which those that endowed knowledge upon mankind are crucified represents, not only the sigil of the supreme God called the Tau or ankh, but the crucifix also represents the trunk and branches of the tree of knowledge. For their teachings, they were killed.

The remarkable fact is that throughout all ancient and modern civilizations, the serpent or dragon bestowing knowledge upon the human race figures prominently in all religions and histories. The Christian reptilian or "fallen angel" LUCIFER, the Mayan serpent God QUETZALCOATL, the enormous plumed serpent God of the Hopi Indians, BAHOLINKONGA, the East Indian mystical human like reptilians known as NAGAS, the Egyptian serpent God KNEPH, The Phoenicians AGATHODEMON and even the Hebrews NAKHUSHTAN or Brazen Serpent that led Moses and the Israelites through the desert by pillar of cloud and fire. These are but a few of the vast amount of records that exist world wide and describe their early gods as having reptilian-human like physical features as well as having descended from the heavens or stars.

From within the shadows and crevices of the earth their influence upon all mankind can be no more evident than when one considers the ancient British god who was considered "The Dragon-Ruler of the World." His subjects called him HU - thus we call ourselves Hu-Man!

Our human brain contains the foundations of vertebrate brain evolution: our reptilian brain (our Lizard Legacy) and our paleo-mammal brain (our Furry L'il Mammal). Evolved later is our human rational brain, the neocortex (our Monkey Mind), and highly developed in the human are the prefrontal cortex or frontal lobes (our Higher Porpoise; higher purpose).

Clues exist in our language such as "cold blood killer" and "bit of a reptile." We also hiss to gain silence and display disapproval. Reptilian motifs abound. As displayed in fashion and culture.

Pundits also cartoon the personages of power as often corrupted by reptilian coldness and greed.

The above cartoon says it all!

May 03, '11
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