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Letting Go of Ego
Oct 06, '20

3D, 4D, 5D, Anything D

There are several wide ranging ideas on the density of beings within specific dimensions. All are interpretations relating to both physical and metaphysical concepts.

- First Density (1D) is the lowest, corresponding to subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, chemicals, and minerals, where conscious development is rudimentary and limited to simple awareness.

- Second Density (2D) plant and animal life, where consciousness first experiences will, passion, drive, pain, or pleasure.

- Third Density (3D) beings embrace levels of self-awareness and freewill that appear to be different at other dimensional levels of awareness.

These three densities are fully physical and subject to the limits of three dimensional space and linear time. They inhabit the same physical realm. Also, the densities blend into each other, and within each density there is a gradient from the lowest to the highest evolved types of beings.

This is clearly seen in 2nd density where the lowest forms such as sponges or bacteria are have an entirely different level of awareness from primates.

• Fourth Density (4D) includes a consciousness that can straddle the boundary between spacetime and ethereal realms. A being in 4th density is one whose consciousness can explore every dimension (including 5th and above) although the ability varies depending on the DNA transceiver. A human being can tap into many different types of consciousness, but cannot explain all of them in words. Because words are largely based on a linear construct evolving thousands of years in a third dimensional awareness. And although we can feel other dimensional levels of our reality, we often struggle to interpret them because they are not based on the same perception of time and thus the linear system of language eventually falls apart.

The term “dimension” often refers to a particular world, realm, or environment that is distinguished from another by more than mere time or physical location. When used in a more scientific sense, “dimension” refers to the degree of freedom allowed for extension and movement. Density denotes a vibrational frequency and not a location, which the term “dimension” implies. The density structure of this reality is primarily expressed in seven levels, though each level has sub-levels within it. The density scale is a model used to communicate one’s perception of orientation in relation to other realities. Matter is vibrating energy. Different vibrationary rates denote the properties. Frequency is the rate at which molecules or consciousness vibrate.

In fourth density containment group identity may continue without a loss of ego identity. As vibration increases, perception of past, present, and future become more fluid along with the ability to interface with multidimensional and multidense realities, and a consciousness which prefers to be combative, anger or struggle becomes more difficult to maintain.

Humans are assumed to be confined to three spatial dimensions. There are other spatial dimensions the human can inhabit but the exploration of this space appears to be a relatively new concept few can expand on. Although different individuals have been able to explain concepts which appear very foreign from this planet, they still cannot provide evidence that it comes from any specific dimension because we have no measuring instruments to quantify this.

What appears to be a very valid assumption is that humans today have entered into a timespace reality and dimensional awareness that is different than any other time in known history. We seem to be able to access other layers of ourselves that were not available just 20 years ago. This is being reported by many in meditation and psychedelic experiences. There is a conceptual framework now available from not just one dimension as in third, fourth or fifth, but all of them. Our consciousness can no longer be limited to one dimension as we assume it once was, because we have transcended as a planet to access all of them. Does this mean all humans are able to transcended a third dimensional awareness? Absolutely. The entire planet has along with every being in it. However, a fourth density being can still play by third density rules if it wants to.

If we persist with any ideology that must emphasize spiritual hierarchy and insist other humans can’t do what we can do, we become attached to the idea that we are better than others, and sometimes this is translated to them being lower vibrating than we are. This is often promoted by new age philosophies with claims that we are getting rid of all lower vibrational beings in our lives to make room for higher vibrational beings, which of course is not an accurate representation of what it means to shift our consciousness in any dimension, because it is those who are perceived as lower vibrational beings that give rise to other transcendent states. Some world leaders come to mind that do a wonderful job in this area. Thank them. A consciousness that continues to shift rapidly from one dimension to the next requires a contraction and expansion of our own field, which primarily comes from our experiences with all others, not just those we prefer to interact with. The greatest teachers come in the most unexpected forms and it is there where all dimensions become one.


In 1973 the acclaimed mystic Ingo Swann astrally 'travelled' to Jupiter and reported it had rings around in a similar way to Saturn. The science community ridiculed him. That was until 6 years later, when in 1979 the space probe Voyager physically travelled there and photographed what he saw! Those who were with him when he did it, said he got there in around 3 minutes. We can say that the entirety of the Universe is within, and what we see on the outside is merely a reflection of where our consciousness is at on the inside. So as we contemplate the possibility of the New Paradigm on higher planes, we don't have to wait. It is right there, right now.

And as we travel into it, the perceptions cascade into our 3D reality...

How and Why to travel to Higher Dimensions?

According to quantum science we live in 11 dimensions of reality. Generally I agree from the experience of travelling within. Although I prefer to call them 'densities of existence'. They're energetic frequencies of being.

"The entirety of the Universe is within you." How is this possible?

Contemplate the Big bang. How could it actually explode outwards if there was nothing to explode into?

It's a paradox. It exploded BOTH outwards AND inwards at the same time thus creating the illusion of space-time. And what you would have perceived of it, as the Observer, would depend on where you were looking from - either outside in, or inside out. It's an essential philosophy for anyone wishing to deepen their journey through higher dimensions of consciousness right now - expanding 'outwards/upwards' by going deeper inwards. Especially as the Earth and our Solar System home are shifting to higher frequencies of existence.

You might ask, "why bother travelling into higher dimensions anyway?" Especially if you enjoy 3D living or have 3D objectives - career, relationships, general living circumstances. The point is that ALL the dimensions interrelate and reality cascades downwards from the source. So we're ALREADY being influenced in this way. Even though society has created a temporary fixed eddy current in the flow - "this is how it's going to be today" - nevertheless, as persistent as the old construct may at times seem, it is currently being unravelled by the higher dimensional influx. It accelerates now especially because humanity is out of this greater alignment. So there's every encouragement to step back into the universal fold.

The essential thing is not to wait for the this to happen, in the vain hope that you'll somehow be swept up in the current by some tremendous Solar Nova Event (as is being expressed in plenty of spiritual circles). Whatever happens, you will still have to do the diligent inner work yourself. Yes there will be great events in The Shift, whole realities will come and go, especially as our Solar Logos transforms all around it. But to ride this shift, is to get on board right now, and make the transition through all the subtle inner layers. And that means to go deep within.

What will you see? You are the Universe

Perceptions of Higher Realities

Humanity is coming from a place of the 3D, where everything is perceived as being outside. If we want to travel through space to another planet or star system, you laboriously build a rocket and take years of time to get there. The irony is that you could spend a whole lot less and go inwards!

As you go inwards, the paradox is that you're actually going outwards too. Or more accurately, you start to embrace further and further afield, within yourself.

You'll start to pick up subtle inner interplays, perceptions and senses, which in the beginning, don't necessarily seem to make any sense. But as you put more attention on them, it's what happens when these cascade into your physical reality where it gets really interesting - the signs and synchronicities build pictures in the outer of where your inner movement is shifting and travelling. And it also becomes possible to start to see the inner landscapes too, without having to look out into the 3D world -

Here's a sense for example of what the New 5D Paradigm will look like.

A View on How to Conduct The Inner Journey

As you go inwards, first you'll confront the denser layers of the physical, emotional and mental bodies (1D, 2D, 3D). These tend to be extremely noisy in the beginning - think of the physical body, it has 3 trillion cells, which can be screaming out, especially if we're pumping it with dense processed foods and electrosmog. The point being, that the noisier these outer layers are, the harder it is to pick up the subtle vibrations of the inner/higher layers.

Meditation is the key. Which includes bodywork, because this helps soften, make more pliable, and align the physical aspect. Thus when you sit in stillness, you can soften through the physical layers more easily. Then there's the emotional body. Where there is worry, fear, desire, neediness or the requirement for security and safety, in this lower physical density, then this vehicle too will be pretty noisy, and so the need or fear of a particular outcome must be surrendered. We must confront what progressively comes up.

We'll then come deeper into the plane of subconscious mind in the 3rd Density. This is where it becomes essential to give up intention - other than an aligned one to expand into the fullness of who you are. Intention is another dense vibration that overwrites the natural flow. If your intention is aligned with the flow - to travel to Jupiter for example - then that's cool, you'll amplify the effect. But if you're intending to get something, the risk is to override the soul, which might be yearning to inquire into something else. Put simply, the soul might instead be inviting you into the New Paradigm in the 5th Density, which you override if you're intentioning something else in the lower planes.

You'll then come into the 4D "pain body", which can literally be felt as tightness and pain - as contractions. This will relate to karma, and it tends to limit the expansion into other densities so must be processed as much as possible first. You can still expand into higher dimensions, but 4D karma will limit the effect. So work to expand through and around this layer, yes, but also pay plenty of attention to unwinding it through expression and release. The more you're able to work through the pain body and unwind it, this will then be like taking the lid off into the higher planes of existence.

Travelling in Higher Densities of the 5D/6D/7D

Intially at least, what you pick up of the higher densities will mostly be subtle perceptions, flickers of consciousness. It would be easy to disregard these and it's essential we don't. The whole of the Universe cascades down through you like a multidimensional waterfall. Humanity has created a temporary eddy current in the 3D, which seems kind of solid and fixed, impermeable to higher subtle frequencies, but that would be an illusion of space-time. Everything is interconnected. And therefore if you're interested in resolving disharmony in your 3D life, in your relationships, careers and general living circumstances, then catching the subtle inner flow will greatly help you. You'll have to give up intention though - for things to be "this way or that". As you surrender, then the subtle perceptions become more available and you amplify them by paying attention to them in meditation. You become more able to embody them as a way of being. Then you find yourself being guided more to mirroring crystallisations in the outer.

Soul Family

On World Book day March 25, 1999 in a Folkestone bookshop situated on the Southern English coast, I discovered the photograph of a long dead Confederate soldier. The book coincidentally opened at the precise page, the name coincidentally was my name and the face coincidentally was my face, it was all far too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence!

Gazing into the looking glass of time I spied a familiar reflection; for I recognised the person in the picture. Incredibly he appeared to be me, me as I was 138 years ago in another time and another place. Then over the next two years with research and the use of emotional memory painting, the whole story unfolded in vivid emotional Technicolor. I had always felt that I did not belong in this time or place, a common feeling that many of us often have. This confusion of identity had reigned supreme in my life for 44 years, but now all that had changed.

With the discovery of the photograph and its associated story nothing in my life would ever be the same again. Suddenly all became clear, I had been right all along, my feelings and emotions had not betrayed me. I realised then, that this odyssey of understanding had begun some 35 years ago, when in the playground as a small 10 old I spied something familiar; the bright pristine images of a long forgotten war that happened then a century ago.

The year was 1964 and the conflict of a hundred years previous was that of the American Civil War. Coincidentally it was exactly 100 years to the day that a Private soldier named Alexander Baillie Kell, was fighting desperately in the ranks of the 5th Georgia Cavalry, as the epic Battle for Atlanta was about to reach its horrifying summer climax. The Civil War was to redefine the destiny of America and with it shape the major events of World history up until the present day. For we are still living with the reverberating aftershocks of the emotional trauma of that titanic conflagration. Little was I to know then that I myself might be one of those reverberating aftershocks, fall out from the bloodiest war in American history.

I felt the resonance rattle me through my bones. It's a wonderful expample of how the inner world cascades through into this one. And in the higher dimensions, are a whole array of guides, supporters and cosmic soul family. You won't necessarily "see" them with 3D eyes when you venture inwards. But if you patiently persist, you will pick up the perceptions. Which if you follow in the outer 3D world, builds as a multidimensional landscape of signs and synchronicity. It's a joyful, and greatly successful, interplay that I would commend to everyone.

This is the great value, pleasure and sheer joy of the inner journey right now. You find there are solutions in your 3D life you couldn't possibly have imagined, and a future shift into higher dimensions of which dreams are made. It's the great value of the Inner Journey which I'd reccommend to all in these profound times of great change.

Since that time I have recognise and been reunited with many of my soul family. We are able to view time as a bubble and I have many case histories that you can see on this website.

Oct 06, '20
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