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Reactivating DNA
Feb 23, '11

MAD SCIENCE:Are We Evolving By Reactivating Dormant DNA? Scientists have discovered the first "resurrected" gene in human DNA - a gene that went inert during our evolution only to become active again in our current state. What does this mean for evolution?

Cemalettin Bekpen, a PostDoctorate Fellow at the University of Washington's Genome Sciences department, has discovered that humans possess IRGM, one of the IRG mouse immunity family of genes, despite the fact that it had previously been evolutionary extinguished long ago; apparently, a retrovirus called ERV9 revived it. According to Bekpen, this discovery opens the door to the possibility that all of the other dormant genes in our bodies may also one day reactivate:

What if our DNA had been genetically modified? Is there evidence for that?

Researcher Laurence Gardner, who died only last year, puts it this way:

It took man over a million years to progress from using stones as he found them to the realization that they could be chipped and flaked to better purpose. It then took another 500,000 years before Neanderthal man mastered the concept of stone tools, and a further 50,000 years before crops were cultivated and metallurgy was discovered. Hence, by all scales of evolutionary reckoning, we should still be far removed from any basic understanding of mathematics, engineering or science - but here we are, only 7,000 years later, landing probes on Mars?So, how did we inherit wisdom, and from whom?

The smoking gun? As I have mentioned in my book Forbidden Science, "Human women have a clitoris which is absent from the higher female apes, so where did that come from? Evolution plainly stops with the apes." Flaws in human the character may have arisen due to the forced nature of genetic evolution. We are after all a 3D carbon based vessel of water that is capable of holding a self aware spirit with a soul memory. This means importantly that we are capable of spiritual evolution. The development of religion would indicate this big change in the last genetic manipulation.

In view of the above this story makes more sense.

Atlantis Timeline: Summary of Atlantis and Lemuria

250,000 ? 200,000 Years BCE

Homo Sapiens Sapienas appears

200,000 ? 50,000 Years BCE

War in Heaven, the Nephilim cast down to earth.

The ocean planet between Mars and Jupiter, Tiamut, was destroyed, debris causing First Deluge 50,000 BCE.

After water subsided, The Serpent Masters created Atlantis, their home base, to experiment on the stunned hominoid beings on Earth.

The Serpent Masters, aka the Nephilim created their first race, the Sons of the Serpent, to work for them as slaves mining gold, they taught their first creations all the knowledge of the universe.

The Sons of the Serpents, tired of servitude, make an exodus out of Atlantis, and setup their civilization, Lemuria.

The Serpent Masters, create a second race, The Adams, for slaves, they did not teach them the knowledge of the universe, and genetically ?dumbed them down?. The Serpent Masters create The Eves using DNA from the Adams, to be the Adams consorts.

The Sons of the Serpents go back into Atlantis to lure away the Eves to Lemuria, the Adams followed the Eves. This is the famous Serpent in the Garden story.

10,173 Years BCE

War of the Gods, (The Original Serpent Masters vs. The Sons of the Serpent for The Adams and the Eves) Pole Shift following nuclear warfare that scorched the planet, caused frozen debris of Asteroid Belt (Remnants of Tiamut) to fall into the earth, the real cause of the ?ice age? or ?drift age?.

10,000 ? 4,000 Years BCE

After earth gains some normalcy after the War of the Gods, the Sons of the Serpents spread out to rebuild civilizations around the earth, finding survivors and teaching them all the knowledge they have carried over. The Serpent Masters converged in Sumeria to start the ?Great Civilizations? of the World around 4,000 BCE. They create a fourth race, The Dragons or God-Kings. This is the start of violence and patriarchy. The Dragons or God-Kings ruled in place of the Serpent Masters and over threw many of the Sons of the Serpents civilization in Asia.

Summary- Characters:

Original Serpent Masters ? the Annunaki, Nephilim ?Those who were cast down?

The race of beings, who expelled from their home planet, escaped into our solar system, landing on Earth, tunneled underground to hide. Shortly after their landing, the Planet Tiamut is destroyed, causing the first deluge, possibly due to the pursuers looking for the expelled Serpent Masters and trying to destroy them.

The First Born, the Sons of the Serpent

The original creations of the Serpent Masters after the waters of the deluge subsided and Atlantis was created to experiment on the earth, The Serpent Masters gave this being high intellectual and scientific knowledge. Due to part of the DNA being from either Engis (other) the Sons of the Serpent had high spiritual capacity, far surpassed their creators, which lead the Serpents out of Atlantis, to setup their new home, Lemuria.

The Adams and the Eves

The second creation of the Serpent Masters, this creature, which we all come from today did not have the intellectual and scientific knowledge like the Sons of the Serpents, yet the spiritual was still in tack. The Eves were created genetically from the Adams, so the Adam?s would have a consort. The famous ?snake in the garden? is the Sons of the Serpents taking the Eves out of the Garden of Atlantis to live free on Lemuria.

The Dragons or God-Kings

After the war of the gods, the third creation was made not from the hominoid creatures of Earth, but of the reptiles, these creatures had high intelligence, but no spiritual capacity, hence, the cold blooded nature of the reptile. These God-Kings replaced the kings currently in place, usually by force.

The Sanskrit writings describing Vimana flying craft, nuclear war and exotic microwave weapons. On there own that would not be sufficient but all around the world there exists massive stone workings under the seas. All this evidence tends to support the revised history outlined above. Perhaps the impending disclosure by governments as to the reality of ET races operating on, in and around our planet will finally clarify the illusory tissue of lies that we have all been brainwashed to accept.

Architectural ruins on the ocean floor at Yonaguni Island in the Ryukyu Islands

Professor Masaaki Kimura provided the picture.

(Right) Statue of human head, several feet tall, on southeast Yonaguni Island

Professor Masaaki Kimura provided the picture.

(Left) Groups of hieroglyphs uncovered from the undersea ruins Professor Masaaki Kimura provided the picture.

Dr Ian C Baillie February, 2011

Feb 23, '11
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