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L'hommage de moutons
Apr 07, '13

We the Sheeple ..... Some inspiring images to make you think. The shepherd and the sheep a constant image and one of the reasons that its symbolism is used to refer to people by those that would control.

A quote from Area 51 first alerted me to this state of affairs. "The world is divided into sheep and wolves. We're the wolves." A typical reptilian minded comment by those totally ignorant of the bigger picture that is the universe.

Reincarnation implies individual personality and progress. Governments can't control individuals, individuals can't be replaced like cogs in a machine. They are in essence UNIQUE! We are all unique. Not grey automatons to be taxed and herded. So authority whatever that is, is given its power by the individual who would rather die than think. A good example is WW1 no one said this is a bad idea! Walking slowly across no mans land against machine gun is definitely not a good idea. The French army did mutiny at one point and instead of being applauded where summarily courtmartialed and shot. If nobody joined the army they wouldn't be able to fight their stupid wars. Henry Kissmyarse summed it up perfectly!


At last though Sheeple are awakening. Is it too late? Only time will tell. Do we comply or die? That is the timeless question.

Sooooo beware of reptilians in sheeps clothing. Handsome is as handsome does.

Keep thinking it is our only defence!

Some great magazine covers reminds me of a more serious version of the MAD comics I used to love as a child.

I publicly salute all those out there on the net who have posted Sheeple images of such quality and controversy, thank you for raising awareness as only art can do! For those wanting more just dial in Sheeple to your search engine and hit images. Have fun, humour is our other great defence.

Apr 07, '13
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