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Observations of a Star Traveller

Observations of a Star Traveller

As we are now living in the NOW and all things are possible I am going to focus on surviving the present and creating a future template.

It's Quantum Law of Attraction time! So let's think "ourselves" into a better place.

The Reppsies will run around chasing their tails like juvenile dinosaurs and doing the same old same old - fear, death and taxes! Oh and a bit of mass War and holocaust thrown in for good measure. Boring we've been there done that and got the tea shirt. Time for you to listen to us for a change.

We like to play! Dolphin intelligence is curious chaotic and creative! Got that you dumb ass Reppsies!!! Lmfao

So when you've finished dressing up and shooting each other for amusement take a look at how nature lives in universal harmony and learn something. Otherwise you going to be playing the same old game for a very long time.

We are not smarter than you just different. In fact we are you and you are us. I've learned a lot over the last several millennia. Not all good but I did learn to see the universe through your eyes and even though it was not pretty, down right scary in fact and made me cry a lot I got it! I understand how you think.

Thanks for the lesson.

So this special category is dedicated to you and will consist of simple observations on the natural word, harmony and cosmic order.

I hope you enjoy the ride...

November '17

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Img 8740
Img 8739
Img 8735
Img 8734
Img 8733
Img 8732
Img 8731

June '17

Img 4411
Img 4409
Img 4408
Img 4404
Img 0555
Img 0554
Img 4405
Img 4404
Img 4403
Img 4402

May '17

Img 8177
Img 8183

January '16

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